• Serving size
    Q: What is the serving portion of a box of Yamie?

    A: A box of Yamie serves 1 to 2 people.

  • Preparation
    Q: Do I have to wash the rice before cooking it?

    A: No, the rice has been cleaned and treated.

    Q: Can I add my own ingredients?

    A: Get as creative as you want! Check out our recommended recipes here!

    Q: Can Yamie Rice be cooked in an oven?

    A: No, baking or roasting Yamie Rice in an oven is not recommended. The mechanism of a regular oven, which causes heat to be transferred to the interior of the food as the surface heats up, may cause Yamie products to dehydrate faster than in a microwave oven.

    Q: Can Yamie Rice be prepared faster than the prescribed cooking time?

    A: It is better not to vary from the stated cooking time to ensure Yamie products taste its best.

  • Health and eating options
    Q: I’m a vegan/vegetarian. Does Yamie Rice contain any meat?

    A: No, but some Yamie Rice flavours contains crustaceans and seafood.

    Q: Yamie is so yummy! Can I eat it daily?

    A: Yes! Yamie does not contain any added preservatives, trans fat or MSG.

    Q: Is Yamie suitable for young children?

    A: Yes, as long as they like rice and can eat solids.

    Q: I am allergic to nuts. Can I eat Yamie?

    A: Unfortunately, no. Yamie is produced on equipment that also processes nuts.

    Q: Is Yamie rice gluten free?

    A: Yes, except for Chicken Rice and Claypot Rice.  Yamie Rice is made on equipment that process wheat, but sanitizing procedures are followed between processing runs to eliminate contamination.

  • Halal certification
    Q: Are your products Halal-certified?

    A: Yes, all our products are Halal-certified.

  • Storage
    Q: A box of Yamie is more than I can finish in one meal. Can I save the rest for later?

    A: An opened box can keep for up to three days with refrigeration. Make sure you seal the opened packet first.

    Q: How should I store my Yamie Rice?

    A: Yamie rice is best kept in a cool and dry location.

    Q: Where is Yamie Rice produced?

    A: It is produced locally in our Singapore factory.

  • Buying and retail options
    Q: Where can I buy Yamie Rice?

    A: Here are the places where Yamie is available. Click Here

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